Improving The Entire Patient Revenue Cycle

The MGMA reports a full 30% of patients leave the medical provider's office without paying anything towards that day's visit. Complicating the problem is that patients typically require at least 3 patient statements before making a payment and rank paying their medical bill 13th among monthly bills, behind cell phones, cable TV, car insurance and garbage collection. Providers must find a way to engage the patient earlier in the process to ensure timely and full payment.

RAPTOR's(TM) proven treatment protocols engage the patient early in the revenue cycle. Pre-appointment reminders not only confirm appointment date and time, they also direct patients to a payment portal to satisfy co-pay or past due balances. If a balance remains after the visit, the patient will receive targeted, timely communications through the most appropriate channel determined to have the highest probability of payment success. The results are 25% greater patient payments per month.

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