NOGGINTECHS is a predictive analytics company that utilizes BIG data, machine learning and process improvements to increase payment rates in the medical financial services market.  Utilizing our proven and proprietary software we call RAPTOR™; medical practices, facilities and hospital systems can expect to see an increase in payment rates by upwards of 25% or more.  The power of RAPTOR™ allows us to build payment profiles based on a multitude of factors in a RCM system in addition to prior patient payment history.  This makes our NOGGINTECHS offering unique as we create financial treatment plans specific to how a patient pays a provider or facility and not how they may pay their monthly creditors.

These same medical business lines can expect to see expense reductions in their general billing operations as their patient base is introduced, trained and transitioned to electronic billing and communication.  Not only does RAPTOR™ increase patient payment rates, our financial treatment planning tools also offer multiple payment options and plans in conjunction with settlement offers and financial planning.  NOGGINTECHS products create a healthy business bottom line, reduces the need for traditional collection companies, liquidates potential bad debt and increases engagement by giving patients a voice in their financial health.

NOGGINTECHS works with multiple RCM software companies and our services can be tailored to the vital family practice all the way to the largest of hospital systems.  Please contact us today to see how NOGGINTECHS can introduce RAPTOR™ to your patient base and increase your financial health.


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